Cuisines Of Gujarat : An Absolutely Different Cooking Style !

Hi..I am Lalit Chandran, a very simple guy from Jaipur and to be frank I have never traveled anywhere outside India. But the fact is I love traveling and whenever I get a respite from the garment export business, I plan a trip to some historical destinations in India. Ahmedabad was a city that was on my mind, since it was also home to our father of the nation, Gandhiji. I have a good history books collection and I have read the glory of the wonderful historical monuments and ashrams like Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. I am also a foodie so I took an active interest in knowing about the cuisines of Gujarat, and what I read made me pre-pone my journey! I couldn’t wait to enjoy the Gujarati thali, which was very colorful and appetizing from the pictures I saw in the books!

Gujarati thali
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I just wanted to enjoy the local cuisine in its true authentic form so I visited some local eateries and avoided eating from the star hotel which I was staying! Some of the renowned restaurants for authentic Gujarati thali were Vishala, Dadima, Athithi, Rajwadu, Pakwan, etc. I chose Pakwan and the owner of the restaurant told me that Gujarati thali included primarily only vegetarian dishes and had roti, dhal, rice , shaak( which I found was cooked veggies in the form of curry) , and it had also roasted papads, pickle, buttermilk, sweets like laddoo, etc.

Since I was a person with an irresistible sweet tooth, I enquired about the sweet dishes that were famous here. The server told me I could try out Basundi, Halvasan, Malpua, Shrikhand, Soonvalli, and the list went on and on! If this was not Paradise, nothing else was! Though I was nearing my 40s I forgot it for a day and decided to try most of them and there are no words to describe this sweet experience! I always found that when I visited ancient cities, the traditional food that I could eat from these places were no match for the modern pizzas and other snacks that the youngsters are now so fond of!

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