Awestruck In The Ethereal Beauty Of Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad!

I live in Rajasthan which is one of the heritage cities in India. From childhood I had a strong liking towards our Indian culture and tradition. This made me choose holidays which involve exploring the historical places around India. This year I got a chance to visit Ahmedabad, which is a beautiful city. The state of Gujarat is blessed with wonderful scenic places. I enjoyed a comfortable journey by booking a first class train ticket. It was my first visit to Ahmedabad. The neatly maintained streets, busy shopping bazaars, cultural and religious festivals dominating the whole place gave me the feel that I have chosen a perfect vacation spot.

I visited Ahmedabad during winter and there was little rain during nights. I stayed in one of the luxurious star hotels that were located near the Kankaria Lake. I checked in to my room late evening and when I stepped into the balcony I witnessed the most scintillating views that I have ever seen in my lifetime! The lake looked magnificent with colorful lightings completely surrounding it. There are no words to explain the beauty of this shimmering lake. Another highlighting feature was that in the centre of this lake there is an island garden with a summer palace which is known as Nagina Wadi. This was a striking feature that no other lakes in our country have and I was truly spellbound by the picturesque vistas!

Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad
Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

I found that the lake was stretched to nearly 3 Km and there were many amusement activities around the lake. I love to read the history of any place so I felt that this lake too would have an age old history as it inherited architecture of our ancient India. I was right and the inscriptions on the stone nearby said it was a constructed by Sultan Kutubuddin in 15th century. The scenic vistas still give me great memories and I treasure those moments that I spent in this lovely place!

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