Sabarmati Ashram : The Pride Of The Nation And A Standing Symbol Of Fond Remembrances!

Hi ! I am Lalit Chandran, a garment export business man, residing in Jaipur. My childhood memories constituted mainly of my father who was a staunch Gandhian and his stories on the various freedom struggle venues and the magic of being with the father of nation, Gandhiji. This greatly influenced my love for the culture and history of the country and I loved visiting various forts and historical monuments. My all-time dream was to visit Sabarmati Ashram which was the centre stage of all political activities during the olden days. As luck would have it, I got a few days of relief from my work schedule and I decided to visit Ahmedabad and realize my dream visit!

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I booked my tickets in Indigo Airlines and had a peaceful and luxurious air travel and reached Ahmedabad in a matter of few hours. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport was just about 10 kms from the Ashram therefore I just took a taxi and reached the soul of the city, Sabarmati Ashram and was really dumbstruck to see the serene atmosphere and the spic and span grounds which were very neatly maintained. It was an ethereal sight since this ashram stood on the banks of the Sabarmati River. Just standing and gazing at the river, made you feel goose bumps as you could fathom the father of the nation, standing on the very similar spot and enjoying the same views!

This ashram is also declared as a national monument by the Government and therefore it receives a great inflow of tourists from far and near. I had fixed an appointment with the secretary of the Gandhi Ashram Preservation and Memorial trust, so I could enjoy a guided tour for about 90 minutes and it started with some slide shows and finally we ended up in the library of the ashram. It was a soul touching experience and it would remain in my memories till my last breath! After the visit, I went in to the town where there were many restaurants and eateries and had to my fill the local cuisine, which was truly fantastic!

Gujarati Dhokla - Local Cuisine
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"Hi there, my name is Lalit Chandran. I currently reside in ‘Pink city’ i.e. Jaipur where I run a garment export business. Having spent all my childhood in Rajasthan, I fell in love with Indian history and all its glory. So, whenever I get an opportunity, I travel to various places all across India exploring old cities, museums, forts and historic monuments. This blog will catalogue all the places I have visited, people I have met along the way and different cultures I got a chance to experience.

I am hoping sharing all my adventures will help raise awareness about our ancient heritage and maybe help preserve and protect these remnants  of India’s glorious past. Feel free to leave your comments. "

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